Nissan LEAF Continues to Contribute to Sustainability

June 12th, 2014 by

Just a few months ago, we were awed by the Nissan LEAF‘s ability to power up to the peak of a Hawaiian volcano and down through the use of regenerative breaking technology. Now that the 2015 model year of the EV is in our Lawrence, MA showroom, we decided to welcome it by taking a look at some of the many ways this innovative unit contributes to the sustainability of our planet.

Since its release just 4 years ago in 2010, the LEAF has reduced CO2 emissions by 151,000 tons and counting. The EV’s construction is also sustainable as 25 percent of the materials are recycled ones.

Curious to learn more about the best-selling electric vehicle in the world? Stop by Commonwealth Nissan at 135 Marston St. today for a test drive and information on the many perks that come with LEAF ownership.

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