Murano Features are Music to Our Ears

October 26th, 2014 by

A song can inspire us to laugh, cry, dance, or turn the music off completely; but what of the inspiration behind the song itself? For these two artists, they find the very essence of the new Nissan Murano is enough to add a little flavor to a song in their fine tuxedos.

It is easy to see what moved the music, as the Murano is something else from the inside out. The rear seats are heated, and privacy glass adds some allure to the car for the common bystander. Ample cargo room means you entourage can bring all the needed accoutrement without a worry for space. And with a large moon roof to let natural light in throughout the cabin, each seat offers a fresh perspective on the world.

Take the time to take a test drive here at Commonwealth Nissan and see how it feels to cruise around Lawrence, MA in the inspirational Nissan Murano.

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